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Procedure documentationConfiguring Change Request Management Using SAP Solution Manager Configuration


You need to complete the following sections in SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) in order to configure Change Request Management.

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Detailed information for the configuration activities is available in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

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System Preparation

After you have installed SAP Solution Manager or upgraded your system from SAP Solution Manager 7.0, you need to complete all steps in this section. After installing a new support package, you have to update the activities marked in column Updates Needed.

Basic Configuration

After a new installation or after installing a support package, you need to complete the following steps in order to perform delta configuration.

  • 1. Specify Solution

  • 2. Specify User and Connectivity Data

  • 4. Configure Manually

  • 5. Configure Automatically

    Schedule Sol. Manager Background Jobs: Ensure to schedule job SM:TMWFLOW_CMSSYSCOL (report /TMWFLOW/CMSSYSCOL2) on a daily basis. The job collects data of transports, SAP Notes, and support packages of each system defined in table /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF using asynchronous remote function calls.

    Activate Piece Lists: After installing a new support package, you need to perform this activity again to get the latest standard Customizing. Therefore, you must ensure that you copy all transaction types, status profiiles, action profiles, and so on, into your own namespace before you start using Change Request Management. If you do not do that, your changes are overwritten when the next support package is installed.

  • 7. Maintain Systems in IBase

  • 8. Create Scenario Configuration Users

Managed Systems Configuration

In this section, you connect the required systems to SAP Solution Manager.

  • To configure a single system, choose Technical Systems.

  • To configure a double (ABAP and Java) stack system, choose Technical Scenarios.

  • To configure a standalone database, choose Databases.

For Change Request Management, you need to create the RFC destinations from SAP Solution Manager to those systems in your managed landscape where you want to control the software changes via Change Request Management. Change Request Management requires a READ, TMW, and a trusted RFC connection to every managed system and client. In order to ensure that Change Request Management works perfectly with the managed systems, a minimum support package level is required. For more information, see SAP Note 907768Information published on SAP site.

Note Note

For Change Request Management, you do not need to create any connections from the managed systems to SAP Solution Manager unless you want to use the cross-system object lock or retrofit functionalities.

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Change Request Management

Complete the steps for your Change Request Management scenario.