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Function documentationService Connections


The service connections application (transaction SOLMAN_CONNECT) enables you to set up and maintain service connections to SAP for your managed systems. You open a service connection for a specified period so that SAP support staff can log on to your system and perform services or troubleshoot problems directly in your system.


SAP Solution Manager exchanges service connection and system data with the SAP Support Portal. The service connections overview in SAP Solution Manager corresponds with the remote connection administration functionality available on the SAP Support portal at published on SAP site.


  • Your system landscape has been set up in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

  • In SAP Solution Manager Configuration Start of the navigation path Basic Configuration Next navigation step Configure Automatically End of the navigation path, the following automatic activities have been executed, in the order specified here:

    1. Schedule Solution Manager Background Jobs

      This mandatory activity includes the following background jobs, which are required for the service connections functionality:




      For more information, see SAP Note 894279Information published on SAP site and 1490774Information published on SAP site.

    2. Connection to SAP

      This activity copies the system data and the service connections to all known systems from the SAP Support Portal to SAP Solution Manager. It must be executed once with the default values before you can use the service connections functionality in SAP Solution Manager.

      After migration, you can maintain service connections in the SAP Support Portal as usual, but this is no longer synchronized with SAP Solution Manager. To synchronize data after the initial migration, you can run the program again for all systems or a specified system. Set the parameter Delete All Buffered Data. The assignments of some servers to specified services might be lost in the overview, but this does not affect the service.

  • Your user is assigned to an S-user that has the following authorization objects:

    • Maintain System Data

    • Open Service Connections


The service connections overview provides an overview of your service connections by installation number. The application uses wizards to help you set up and maintain service connections.

  • Open or close the connection to one or more systems (multiple selection with CTRL or SHIFT).

  • Refresh the connection status (whether the connection is open or closed) for all displayed connections. The system re-reads all status information buffered in SAP Solution Manager from the SAP Support Portal.

  • Schedule a date and time to open system connections later.

  • Set up a new connection for a system.

  • Change, display or delete existing connections.

  • Refresh the active connections of a selected system in the SAP Support Portal. This downloads the connection data (the setup of the connections) but not the connection status (whether the connection is opened or closed).

System Access

Grant or deny access to a system. When you deny access, you temporarily prevent service connections from being opened. This function corresponds to entering NO_CONNECTION in the SAPRouter field in the system data of a system in the SAP Support Portal.


Refresh service connections and authorizations.

When you refresh the service connections, you copy the current status of the service connections and systems from the SAP Support Portal into the SAP Solution Manager system.

When you refresh authorizations, you copy new user or authorization data that was maintained in the SAP Support Portal user administration into the SAP Solution Manager system.

SolMan Diagnostics

Open, change, close or create connections to SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics. This connection type provides access to the SAP Solution Manager End-to-End Root Cause Analysis tools and data for a system.


Call the service connection overview as follows:

  • From the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center, under Related Links.

  • With the transaction SOLMAN_CONNECT.

  • From the SAP Easy Access user menu, under Service Connections.

    Note Note

    1. To put the function in your favorites, choose Start of the navigation path Favorites Next navigation step Add Other Objects End of the navigation path, and then choose Web Dynpro Application.

    2. Add the application AI_SERVICE_CONNECTIONS.

      To only display a specified system, add the parameter IF_SYSTEM_NAME and enter the system ID as the value.

    End of the note.