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 Problem Messages


You can run a report to monitor the status of existing problem messages. This includes the following use cases:

  • Identify problem messages with the status Open

  • Identify problem messages created by a specified user (for example yourself)

  • Check the processing status of all Very High priority messages


The reporting is based on the data you entered in the Problem Messages tab during configuration.


Selection Criteria

Selection criteria


Project Structure

Selection of substructures or structure elements to be analyzed

Project Team Members

Specify one or more project team members

Object attributes

  • Message

  • Name

  • Status

  • Priority

  • Topic

  • Creator

  • Processor

  • Created At

  • Changed At

  • Message number

  • Message Short Text

  • Message priority, from Low to High

  • Topic – Message category


Project structure with any selection criteria

Note Note

  • Double-click on a row in the results list (not structure elements), to go to the problem message.

  • Double-clicking on a structure element goes to the structure element in the project strukture of the configuration phase, directly to the Problem Messages tab.

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