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 Creating a Test Plan for a Project


You create a test plan for a project in the SAP Solution Manager if you want to reuse the project structure created in the Business Blueprint for a process-oriented test. You can select all the test cases and transactions which you have assigned to the project structure, for the test plan. These test cases are performed by testers; they can call assigned transactions and run test cases in them.


If you want to create a test plan based on the structure of an SAP Solution Manager project, you have created a project. The system landscape information for the project is complete. You have also defined a Business Blueprint, created test cases in the, and assigned them to the structure.

Note Note

You can also base test plans on test catalogs which are assigned to the application component hierarchy.

You can also create a test plan as a template for an implementation project that uses templates. For more information, see:

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  1. Start the Test Plan Management.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Test Plan Next navigation step Create Test Plan End of the navigation path.

  3. In the dialog boxes, enter the following data and choose Continue in between:

    • Select an SAP Solution Manager project.

    • You can define a system data container if you want to use eCATT configurations in the test plan. You can also define a target system, in which the eCATT configuration is to run.

      The values which you specify are displayed as default values in the eCATT configuration initial screen. You can change them.

    • Enter a title for the test plan.

    • You can select a test set that was defined in customizing (transaction SPRO: Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Test Management Next navigation step Extended Configuration Next navigation step Test Cases Next navigation step Define Test Series End of the navigation path). It does not impact the test plan, but in reporting, for example, you can use it as filter criterion, so that you can easily run reports for all test plans that are assigned to the same test set.

    • Optionally, enter an effort calculation level for expected costs, for example Test Case, as well as planned start and end date.

      The planned data as well as the actual values determined for it is applied by the system on the Planning Data tab of test plan attributes.

    • You can enter a test sequence. It works as a test plan attribute by which you can group test plans filter in the status info system.

      You can manage test sequences in transaction STWB_2. Select a test plan and choose Start of the navigation path Test Packages Next navigation step Sequences End of the navigation path.

  4. Enter a package in the dialog box for the object directory entry.

    If there is a transportable package for the selected project, it is used to generate the test plan. Otherwise, the system shows you a dialog box for the object directory entry.

    The system automatically puts the transactions which you have assigned to the project structure in the Transactions and Test Cases tabs, in the test plan.

    The structure of your project is displayed. You see the attributes of a test case, in the General Data tab.

  5. Choose elements from the project structure for your test plan.

    You can filter the project structure, for example by assigned keywords or status. You can also filter test cases by attributes and base a test plan on the selection.

    Example Example

    You use a link filter, for example, when creating or changing a test plan. To do so, enter the title of a document in the Link tab, for example that of a requirements document or a specification. The system then determines all test cases to which the document with that title is assigned.

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  6. Choose Start of the navigation path Generate Next navigation step Test Plan End of the navigation path.

    The system generates a test plan based on your selection, and returns to the initial screen.


The system has generated a test plan based on your selection. You can now do the following in the Test Management work center:

  • Change, copy, or delete the test plan.

  • Combine test cases and transactions into test packages, and assign them to testers.

    Note Note

    You can change your test plan later. You can, for example, select additional test cases or transactions, and regenerate your test plan, without losing the status information for test cases which you have already run.

    For more information, see Changing Test Plans.

    End of the note.