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Procedure documentationExpert Links (System Analysis)


The Expert Links application area of Root Cause Analysis provides an overview of all configured analysis tools in the managed software system landscape.

The available analysis tools are not part of the Solution Manager work center, instead they are configured individually for each technical system in a NetWeaver administration context.

The Expert Links application area serves as an integrated expert analysis launchpad, the actual analysis output is provided in the NetWeaver application landscape.


Users of the external Root Cause Analysis tools have to be manually created. For more information, see the user administration guide on SAP Service Marketplace at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Installation & Upgrade Guides Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step <current release> End of the navigation path.


To start an expert analysis application, go to the Root Cause Analysis work center.

  1. In the navigation area, choose System Analysis.

  2. In the Detailed Selection list, select one or more systems for which you want to perform your analysis.

  3. In the header area of the Detailed Selection list, click Expert Links to access the analysis application launchpad.

Note Note

The Expert Links applications are set up and administrated within NetWeaver. Currently, only Java-related tools are available.

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Detailed Selection

The Detailed Selection content area shows the tab for the selected system(s). If you selected more than one system, the Technical System dropdown list field offers all selected systems. Selecting a system automatically refreshes the list with pre-configured analysis applications.

The applications in the displayed list are hyperlinked. Click an analysis application, log in to NetWeaver, and conduct your analysis.

The available applications include, but are not limited to:

Analysis Tool


J2EE System Info


J2EE User Management Thread Dump Analysis


J2EE Applications


J2EE Application Modules


J2EE Application Resources


J2EE Application Browser


J2EE Logon Groups


J2EE Log Confirmation


J2EE Properties


J2EE Systems


J2EE Virtual Hosts


XI General


More information about these applications is available in the SAP NetWeaver System Administration documentation.