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Function documentationQGM Project Overview


Quality gate management contains an overview screen with information in table form and several pushbuttons.


The overview screen section displays the following information on the QGM projects in the columns. Note that these can be personalized to suit your information needs. For this, use the secondary mouse-click to open the User Settings and go to the More... section. You can also shift the sequence of the columns by using drag and drop. In addition, the last accessed project will be selected automatically by default.




The name of the QGM project. If you double-click the project link in the Project column, the system takes you to the backend Project Administration screen. Here you can make any necessary changes and click Exit to return to the Q-Gate screen.

Project Description

The description of the QGM project

Project Type

The type of project — whether maintenance project or implementation project

Change Control (checkbox)

Whether change request management is active for a particular project. For more information, see Integration with Change Request Management.

Quality Manager

The name of the assigned quality manager, who sets one Q-Gate status

Quality Advisory Board

The name of the member of the quality advisory board, who sets the other Q-Gate status

Current Phase

The phase that the project is currently in

Next Gate

The date on which the next Q-Gate is due to start. By clicking the link, you can also display detailed information on the quality gate. For more information, see Working with Quality Gates.

The project overview screen section also has the following pushbuttons:

  • Only Favorites: Here you can specify which projects are stored as favorites, as well as display only the favorites you have selected. You can mark projects to be listed in the Favorites column on the Overview screen. Additionally, you can restrict the list of projects on the project overview screen to only those projects identified as favorites.

  • Set up

  • Display Logs: You can display application and action logs for a project. For more information, see Working with Project Logs.

  • Check TMS: You can carry out a check to ensure that the Transport Management System is correctly configured. For more information, see Carrying out a TMS Check.

  • Manage Transports: You have the following options:

  • Downgrade Check: You can trigger a downgrade check manually. The check results are displayed on the Downgrade Protection tab. For more information, see Downgrade Protection.

  • Search: You can carry out a search for specific transport requests and the changes they are assigned to. For more information, see Using the Search Function.

Note Note

You can change the number of lines to be displayed in the lower screen section, to suit the needs of smaller or larger projects.

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