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This view provides you with a list of tasks assigned specific issues or top issues. A task is created for an issue or top issue in order to document the solution strategy or to specify dates for execution. Each task must be allocated an issue or top issue.

You can specify filter criteria to find and display the tasks you require. You have the option of calling up and editing the details of tasks.


  1. You have created an issue or top issue.

  2. You have assigned an issue or top issue to a task.


Displaying Tasks
  • To display tasks, specify the filter criteria you require. Choose Find. The tasks that correspond to the filter criteria you specified are then displayed in the list.

  • You can specify whether to display only tasks assigned to you, or all tasks. To do this, choose the options All or Mine next to View.

  • You can display tasks with a specific status. To do this, select the information you require next to Status.

Displaying the Details of Tasks

To display the details, choose a task in the list.

The details are displayed underneath on the Details and Parent Object tabs:

  • The Details tab also contains a detailed description of the task, as well as the information displayed in the list.

  • On the Parent Object tab, you can see the issues or top issues assigned to the task. To call up the details, click on the ID in the list.

Editing the Details of Tasks

To edit the details of a task, select the task ID in the list. The Details of Task <task ID> dialog box opens.

Here, you can change the priority, the due date, the short description and the status.

The dialog box contains the following three tabs:

  • Description

    Enter a description of the task or edit it.

  • Results Record

    Here, you can describe how the result of the task should look.

  • Editing Information

    Here, you can change the processor and add a note.

To end the editing procedure, choose Save and Back.

Changing Attributes Quickly

To change multiple list items quickly, choose Edit.

You can change the following attributes:

  • Short text

  • Due date

  • Status

  • Processor

  • Priority