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Procedure documentationCreating Transports of Copies


If you want to test your software changes in one system without having them transported automatically to other systems in your transport track, you can create a transport of copies. Such transports of copies are not transported across your system landscape, and are therefore not imported into your production system, therefore they are suitable for testing purposes.

Note Note

Transports of copies can be created for a non-ABAP system only if SAP Note 1293449Information published on SAP site has been applied in your system.

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In contrast to change request management, quality gate management makes it possible to carry out the transport of copies for testing purposes. These can be transported to all systems involved in a QGM project, that is, not only to the consolidation system.

Note Note

It is best practice to use transports of copies only for the QA system.


  • Repository objects are locked as long as possible in the development system

  • The number of transports in production is reduced

  • Transports of copies are periodically imported into the QA system but do not follow the transport routes into follow-on systems

  • Only the original transports can reach production

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All tasks have been released in the original transport request.


Proceed as follows to create a transport of copies:

  1. For a project in the upper screen section, select the Transports tab in the lower screen section.

  2. Select a transport request and choose Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step Transport of Copies End of the navigation path.

    Note Note

    There is a second option to create a transport of copies from the Changes tab. For this, select a change and choose Start of the navigation path Manage Transports Next navigation step Create Transport of Copies End of the navigation path instead.

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  3. In the dialog box that displays, all open transport requests of the change are displayed.

  4. The consolidation system is displayed as default target system. If necessary, select another target system by opening the respective area in the popup.

  5. Select one or several transport requests and choose Create.

  6. You receive a confirmation message that the transport request has been created.

  7. If the transports of copies have been tested successfully, you can release the original transports, which can then be transported across your system landscape.

More Information

For more information on how to create transports of copies in SAP Solution Manager, see the documentation there called Creating Transports of Copies.