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Function documentationDatabase Analysis


The Database Analysis item in the navigation area enables you to access to the applications associated with in-depth database system analysis. To access the available applications, click the corresponding pushbutton in the navigation area.


A remote database connection between the DBA Cockpit and the remote database is configured and available, to gather the data for tablespaces, availability, backup status, etc. remotely. The prerequisites for database administration and monitoring are described in SAP note 1027146Information published on SAP site.

Since the available applications listed under Database Analysis are customized, their availability depends on the corresponding application setup and on your access rights.

Users of the Database Analysis tools have to be manually created. For more information, see the user administration guide on SAP Service Marketplace at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Installation & Upgrade Guides Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step <current release> End of the navigation path.

To be able to perform administrative tasks in the DBA Cockpit, you require database authorizations that you do not have with the SAP default connection. If you have to administer a local system, you must therefore use a second database connection. The system creates this connection automatically. When you perform an administrative action for the first time, you must enter a database user and a password for this connection. Administrative actions that require the connection are, for example:

  • Changing database configuration parameters

  • Changing tablespaces, buffer pools or partition groups

  • Configuring auto-maintenance

  • Changing the auto storage paths

For more information, see SAP Notes 1072206Information published on SAP site and 1027336Information published on SAP site.


  • The Database Analysis content area initially displays a panel with a list of All Databases. Select one or more databases from the list for analysis.

    You can define queries and set filters to select data.

  • The following Database Analysis applications are available for the selected databases:

    • DB Monitoring: Launches a panel with the functionality of the DBA Cockpit. The following categories of information are currently monitored:

      • Disk space of the tablespaces and file systems required for the database system

      • Performance-related parameters (such as access behavior of database buffers or lock behavior of the application, monitoring of deadlock situations and lock escalations)

      • Availability of backup and recovery mechanisms (last available backup, availability of the log files necessary to recover the current state of the database from the last available backup)

      • Configuration parameters

      • Availability data for tablespaces and containers

Note Note

Remote DB monitoring mainly uses the CCMS interfaces to display the data. SMD as a system is heavily integrated with CCMS for gathering such monitoring data. More information on this topic: published on SAP site, under topic Database Administration in CCMS.

End of the note.


You can start a database analysis application and view their results. To start an application, select one or more databases from the All Databases list and click the application pushbutton. If multiple databases are selected, the resulting output for each database is displayed on its own tab. To close the application, click the index of the selected tab, and confirm the dialog box.

  • DB Monitoring launches the DBA Cockpit, which is a cross-platform tool that you can use to monitor and administer your databases. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for all actions and covers all aspects of handling a database in your system landscape.