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Function documentationMessage Monitor


Message Monitor checks the status of message flow between components in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI), and helps to find the root cause of problems.


You can:

  • Monitor the status of the synchronous and asynchronous messages in an SAP NetWeaver PI domain, centrally

    • Perform detailed root cause analysis by checking in which component the messages failed or delayed

    • Understand the business impact by analyzing the messages by interfaces and components

    • View the trend of message status changes

  • Perform detailed analysis using local monitors

  • Notify the status or problem to stakeholders

  • Request support by creating support messages


  1. Analyze the problems in messages.

    For more information, see Analyzing the Messages in Error Status.

  2. Analyze the sender component, which has maximum number of messages in error status.

    For more information, see Analyzing the Messages for a Sender Component.

  3. Fix the problems in messages based on the result of analysis.

    For more information, see Fixing the Problem in Messages.