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Procedure documentationRecord TBOMs for Executable Variants


You can create variants of an executable entity. They are all based on the same executable entity, but they differ in the way it is executed. For example, you create a purchase order with normal priority or with high priority. You call the same transaction in both cases, but you use different values in the screens.

You can create executable variants for all types of executable entities, except for the SAP CRM people-centric UI application.


  1. Assign an executable variant to a process step in the Business Blueprint.

  2. Create a test case for the executable variant. Use different test cases for the executable entity and the executable variant.

  3. On the Test Cases tab, assign the executable variant as a test object to the test case. Assign different test objects to the test cases for executable entities and variants.

  4. Follow the instructions for recording a dynamic TBOM. For more information, see Creating TBOMs.

    Note Note

    You must choose dynamic TBOMs if you want to create TBOMs for executable variants. If you create static TBOMs, the system will find the same objects for the executable entity and for its variant.

    End of the note.