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  Specify Project System Landscape


You must define the system landscape for your project before you can access the managed systems in subsequent project phases.


You have created a project.


  1. Create logical components in Start of the navigation path Solution Manager: Configuration Next navigation step Landscape Next navigation step Logical Components End of the navigation path .

    You can assign logical components to technical systems and installed product instances under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Configuration Next navigation step Managed Systems Configuration End of the navigation path . Select a technical system and choose Configure System . In the step Assign Product , choose Assign Logical Component .

    For more information, see Managing Logical Components .

  2. Assign the logical components to your project in the Systems subtab of the System Landscape tab in Project Administration.

  3. To be able to navigate to the managed systems in the configuration , generate new IMG projects in the managed systems using the IMG Projects tab, or assign existing IMG projects to the project.

  4. Specify the system landscape for central objects.

  5. If your project is an upgrade project, create IMG views in the managed systems.