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Procedure documentationDefining Naming Rules for Mass-Copied Test Plans


When you copy multiple test plans, the names of the new test plans can be generated automatically according to rules you have defined. You need not rename the copied test plans manually.

For more information, see Copying Test Plans.


  • You have called the Test Management work center.

  • You have administrator authorization.


  1. In the Administration view, choose the Determine Test Plan Title Generation Rule link.

    You go to the Test Plan Title Generation Rules screen.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. Choose New.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. Specify the SAP Solution Manager project or solution to which the test plan belongs.

  5. Optional: Specify the test set.

  6. Under Rule Attributes, you have the following options:

    • Prefix/Suffix: Specify an expression which is appended at the beginning/end of the test plan title.

      Example Example

      Enter REG to create test plans for regression tests.

      End of the example.
    • Time Dependence: You can add a time stamp. If you perform, for example, a regression test weekly, you select Week. The system computes the current calendar week and generates a time stamp as part of the test plan name (W201310 for calendar week 10, for example).

    • Predefined Title: By default (if you leave this field empty), the system uses the title of the source test plan as the central part of the new test plan title.

  7. To overwrite the source test plan title with the prefix/suffix and the time stamp, select the Overwrite checkbox.

  8. Save your entries.

  9. Exit the function.