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  Processing Service Level Report Sessions


You want the detailed session data for a Service Level Report. You process the session to add further information for the person responsible for the business process.


  1. Start the System Monitoring work center.

  2. In the Reports view, choose the Service Level Reporting view .

  3. Navigate to the solution you require.

    An overview of all Service Level Reports is displayed.

  4. Choose Process Session.

    You go to the Change Mode: SL Reporting .

    You can specify the processors of the alert.

    1. Choose the Post Processing of EW Alerts check.

      • When you have processed the alert, set the Processed flag.

      • If you want to postpone processing of the alert, enter a date in the Postponed until column.

    2. Save your entries.

      Note Note

      When you save, the system fills the remaining fields.

      End of the note.