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  ID Mapping Export for Several Type Groups


In the ID mapping definition, you can export the ID mapping data selectively for only one specified type group. This function can export the ID mappings for several type groups to a target integration server at the same time.


The ID mappings to be exported for type groups have been specified, as described under ID Mapping Definition .


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Export ID Mapping End of the navigation path or the ID Mapping Export pushbutton in the initial screen .

  2. Choose the target integration server to which the ID mapping data is to be exported.

  3. Choose one or more type groups for the export.

  4. Check the selection.

  5. Start the export with Export .

  6. Schedule the background job. You can only export in the background because of the possible quantity of data.

    Note Note

    You can display or delete the logs with Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Display Export Logs End of the navigation path or Delete Export Logs .

    End of the note.