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Function documentationIT Task Management


IT Task Management provides tools and capabilities to support the IT operations team in handling day-to-day system administration activities. The IT Operations team comprises the IT operations preparation team, IT operations manager and IT operators. While handling these activities in a very large SAP landscape, the IT operations team can encounter the following challenges:

  • IT operators need to keep track manually of all the activities of a task performed

  • No tracking mechanism for reoccurring administration activities that have been scheduled or executed

  • Latest version of operation guides might not be available or known to IT operators

IT Task Management tools and the Guided Procedure Management framework together provide authoring, planning, executing, and reporting capabilities to handle these challenges. The guided procedure framework enables the IT operations preparation team to define administrative activities as guided procedures, which are steps and activities executed sequentially, to perform a task. This helps IT operators to keep track of the activities of a task.

IT Task Management allows IT operations managers to create tasks using these guided procedures, in IT task planning tool, and the IT Task Inbox tool helps IT operators to find and execute their tasks, centrally. The guided procedure log helps IT operations managers to monitor the completion of guided procedures.

Authoring (IT Operations Preparation Team)

Planning (IT Operations Manager)

Executing (IT Operators)

Reporting (IT Operations Manager)

Defines administrative activities as guided procedures, using the Guided Procedure Management framework in SAP Solution Manager.

Plans guided procedure-based, and simple tasks, using IT Task Planning.

Execute the tasks planned for them, from their task inbox.

Monitors the completion of guided procedures using the guided procedure log.


  • You have authorization to access the Technical Administration work center.

  • You have a valid business partner number assigned to your user.


You can:

  • Create tasks based on pre-defined guided procedures, in either standard or expert mode.

  • Create simple tasks.

  • View and execute created tasks, centrally.


  1. Create tasks.

    More information: Creating Tasks

  2. Manage tasks.

    More information: Managing Tasks

More Information

For more information on planning modes, see Modes in IT Task Planning

For more information on defining guided procedures for administrative tasks, see Guided Procedure Authoring (GPA)