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Procedure documentationMonitoring Message Flows and Handling Errors


As an application supporter, identify the root cause of an error, for example on request by a business power user.


  • The administrator has set up message flow groups and assigned the corresponding message flows.

  • You have started the Message Flow Monitor. For more information, see Starting the Message Flow Monitor.

  • You have authorization for the PI system in which to correct errors.


In the Flow Overview tab, you can view statistics about the execution of message flows in the various message flow groups. You have the following options:

  1. To drill down to message flows with status System Error, do the following:

    1. Under Message Flow tab, search for message flow with status Error.

    2. Select a message flow from the search results.

  2. To identify the PI system (middleware component) in which the transmission error occurred, choose the Flow Track tab page.

  3. If an error occurred in a message split PI scenario (a message is split into several fragmented messages, for example) the Undetermined Flow type is displayed. “Undetermined” means that the system cannot decide for which receiver the failed message flow was to be sent. Via the Flow Candidates and Flow Group Candidates columns you can navigate to the possible message flows and message flow groups to which a message flow can belong. To identify the flow to which the failed message flow belongs, check the payload attributes on the General tab page.

  4. To resolve the issue, do the following:

    1. To resend a failed message, on the Flow Track tab page, select the system in which the error occurred, and choose Resend Message.

      Resending a message can take several minutes.

    2. If the error persists, under (Activity) icon, choose Navigate to Alert Inbox to check the details of the issues that caused the alerts.

    3. If the error persists, to cancel the message (and later ask the business supporter to restart the business transaction), choose the Cancel link.

    4. If the error persists, to call the PI system and perform a standard transaction on the system, on the Flow Track tab page, choose PI Communication Channel Monitor, or PI Message Monitoring, or PI IDOC Monitor. To resolve, for example, a mapping error, correct the relevant payload attribute value.

  5. If the error persists, notify someone who can resolve the issue. You can send notifications either though e-mail or SMS. To do so, under the (Activity) icon, choose Create Notification.

    Fill in the details of the receiver, add required details of the issue and hit send.

  6. If the issue cannot be resolved, create an SAP support message. To do so, under the (Activity) icon, choose Create Incident.

  7. Inform the business supporter that the issue was resolved.

Analyzing the Message Flow Reports

To analyze the message flow per based on the business needs, go to the Reporting tab.

You have the following options to check the message flow statistics:

  • Number of flows per flow type

  • Number of flows per receiver participant

  • Number of flows per sender participant

  • Average processing per flow type

  • Number of flows with technical acknowledgements

  • Number of flows with functional acknowledgements

Based on your requirement, change the query and view the reports.