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Component documentationSAP Engagement and Service Delivery


SAP Solution Manager has a range of support offerings. All support offerings are based on services with predefined content. These services cover the entire lifecycle of the software, from implementation to operation and optimization to upgrade.

These services have the following objectives:

  • Risk minimization

  • Optimization of SAP solutions

  • Knowledge transfer

These services proactively detect and solve technical problems (issues) before they can have a negative effect on business operations. An issue may only be captured by a service and forwarded to a subsequent service that resolves it.


The SAP Engagement and Service Delivery in SAP Solution Manager comprises the following components:

  • SAP Engagement and Service Delivery Work Center

    This work center is the central point of access for performing a service in a service session. It contains all important information about the overall situation of the customer solution: All support requests you have created, all services already performed and planned, issues and top issues that have occurred, and the scope and current state of the systems.

  • Issue Management

    Issue Management is used for documentation and to track problems. It is the interface between your support organization and SAP Support. You can use this function to trace the solution to problems that were identified in a business process or solution.

  • Service Delivery

    Irrespective of the work center, you can still perform the following tasks directly in SAP Solution Manager, as before: Update solution master data at SAP, get service plan from SAP and self-service.


  1. SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center

    This work center offers the following functions:

    • Display and edit issues and top issues for solutions and business processes

    • Display and edit self-services and SAP services

    • Display and edit support requests for solutions

    • Display and edit tasks for performing issues and top issues

    • Display and edit SAP EarlyWatch sessions

    • Create reports for issues, top issues, TQM and expertise on demand

  2. Issue Management

    Issue Management offers the following functions:

    • Create issues/top issues

    • Create tasks

    • Request SAP expert

    • Display issues and tasks across solutions

  3. Service Delivery

    In this area of SAP Solution Manager, you can perform the following functions:

    • Update solution master data at SAP

    • Get service plan from SAP

    • Perform self-service