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Procedure documentationResolve External Interface


When you copy business processes, the system does not copy the interfaces between business process steps, it saves the interface information as a reference. There is an external interface. You can resolve this external interface by processing the information as follows:

  • Delete

  • Copy

  • Replace


You are in the Solution Directory in your solution, or in the Business Blueprint in your project.


  1. Choose the node in your structure below which you want to resolve the external interface.

  2. Choose Resolve External Interfaces in the context menu.

    The system shows the external interfaces in the structure below your position.

  3. Go to the interface and select it.

  4. Select one of the following:

    • If you want to delete the information, select Delete.

    • If you want to copy the information, select Copy.

      The system creates an interface. If the information in the source is at more than one interface, you can choose the interface to be created.

    • If you want to use another interface from your project instead of the external interface, choose Replace.

      You can only replace the external interface with existing interfaces of the same type, technology, and sending and receiving logical components.

  5. Confirm.

    The system saves your changes.

  6. If you have copied the interface information in a project, and documents are assigned to the original structure object, you go to a dialog box.

    Choose whether and how the system is to copy the documents.