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  Replicating ID Mappings


The replication of ID mappings lets you reuse ID mappings in other integration servers.


You have exported the ID mappings to be replicated with their type groups, so that they have the status Active .

You have maintained the System Relationships .


The replication can:

  • Adjust type groups for the target in the SAP Solution Manager

  • Replicate ID mappings for the target in the SAP Solution Manager

  • Start the ID mapping export from the SAP Solution Manager into the target integration server

The selection details give an overview of the customizing ID types and business systems in the type group.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step ReplicateID Mapping End of the navigation path or the Replicate ID Mapping pushbutton in the initial screen .

  2. Choose the source and target integration server for the replication.

  3. Specify the ID mappings to be replicated by selecting their type groups.

  4. Specify the replication actions:

    • Adjust type groups:

      If the type group is not yet in the target, it is created. If the type group already exists, it is enhanced according to the defined system relationships, if there are inconsistencies with the source. Type groups are not deleted.

    • ID mapping:

      Replication of ID mapping

      Note Note

      If there are already ID mappings in the target, all old ID mappings are deleted and flagged as such in the status, if you replicate again. The replicated ID mappings are added to the deleted ones and have the status New .

      End of the note.
  5. Check with the corresponding icon whether you have all required authorizations for the replication, and whether the replication can be performed according to the defined system relationships.

  6. Specify whether you want to to export the mapping data to the target integration server after the replication. If so, the job for the selected event must run in the background.

    Note Note

    The export replaces the old ID mapping data in the target integration server with the new ID mapping data. This can temporarily disturb the data transfer with the integration server.

    End of the note.
  7. Choose Replicate .

  8. The replicated type group(s) are in the type group overview for the selected target integration server.

    Note Note

    You can display or delete the logs with Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Display Replication Logs End of the navigation path or Delete Replication Logs .

    End of the note.