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Procedure documentationMonitoring the Execution Status of Guided Procedures (Log Book)


Use the log book to monitor the execution status of your guided procedures and locate errors.

Note Note

The availability of this function depends on the context. It is not available for guided procedures for Cross-Database Comparison and Message Flow Monitoring, for example. The log book is only available for application areas that need multiple executions (instances) for their guided procedures.

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  1. In the work center for which the guided procedure was created, navigate to its object overview (the Technical Systems tab page in the Guided Procedure Management of the Technical Administration work center, for example).

    For more information, see Accessing the Guided Procedure Browser.

  2. Choose the Guided Procedure Logbook pushbutton.

    You go to the Guided Procedure Log Book view. The executions (instances) of guided procedures are displayed.

  3. Select a guided procedure with the status Error (red) or Warning (yellow) and check the status of the steps in the guided procedure.

  4. You have the following options:

    • To view the guided procedure in read-only mode, choose the Show Details pushbutton.

    • To proceed with the execution of the guided procedure, and resolve an issue, choose the Continue pushbutton.

You can start a new execution of the guided procedure. To do so, choose Start New Instance. The status of all activities is inactive.