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Procedure documentationMaintaining Attachments of Test Packages


You can create, edit, or delete documents which are attached to test packages.

A test coordinator can, for example, assign several testers to the same test package. In a document attached to the test package, the test coordinator can define a sequence of test cases and specify the input and expected output data for the test package. The various testers can enter the output of a test case in the attached document. Another tester can use this output data as input data for another test case and again update the document.


  • The test engineer has assigned a test package to your user.

  • You have called the Test Management work center.


  1. In the Tester Worklist, select a test package.

    The test cases which are assigned to the test package, are displayed.

  2. In the Assigned Test Cases area, select a case.

  3. Choose the Attachments pushbutton.

    You go to the Test Package Attachments screen.

  4. Choose Change.

  5. Under Attachments, you can do the following by choosing the respective icon:

    • Create a new document

    • Add an existing document

    • Rename documents

    • Assign the current version of a document, if various versions of the document exist in SAP Knowledge Warehouse

    • Delete an existing document

  6. On the Attributes tab page, you can do the following:

    • Display or change the attributes of a document

  7. If the attached document is not to be included in the test report, deselect the Test Report Relevant check box.

  8. Save your entries.

  9. Exit the function.


In the Attachments area of the Tester Worklist, the number of attachments assigned to the selected test package is displayed.