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Object documentationIssue Types


Issue Types are categories to classify Issues in solutions and business processes.

In the Issues list view, Subject column, you classify known issues by the following types:

Code Group: Solution

Code (Issue Types)


Functional gaps

Missing functionality in:

  • Solution

  • SAP product

  • Non-SAP product

  • project-specific implementation

Software error

Error in a software component as part of:

  • a solution

  • an SAP product

  • a non-SAP product

  • project-specific implementation

Functional realization

Issue about implementation type, for example: You use a function which was not designed for the requirement.

Solution landscape

Issue about the technical structure of the solution landscape, for example: You combine two releases of different software components, which was not authorized by SAP.

Technical infrastructure

All Issues about operating system, network and hardware technical infrastructure. This includes technical aspects of hardware and network capacity sizing.

Process integration

Issues about the integration of the business processes in your software components. This includes Issues about interface realization.

Code Group: Customer/Project Management

Code (Issue Types)


Customer management

Issues about customer relationship.

Project planning

Issues about project planning, preparation and management.

Project realization

Issues about project management during project realization.

Change Management

Issues about the Change Management process, e.g. rollout, end user training, etc. This includes all Issues about the incorrect use of a solution.

Test Management

Issues about testing a solution, either in the implementation or upgrade of a solution.

Code Group: Operation

Code (Issue Types)


Support organization and processes

Issues about set-up or abilities of support organization or processes.

Performance management

All Issues about business process or general system performance.

System management

Issues about system management and administration of all hardware and software components in the system landscape.

Business process management

Management of business processes: monitoring, error handling, missing operational concepts.

System and data security

Issues about system access security or display/change business data.

Data management and archiving

Issues about data management definition and archiving concepts or production solution data volume management.

Interface management

Issues about interfaces (business processes) and technical interfaces between software components.

Code Group: Solution Maintenance

Code (Issue Types)


Software Change Management

Issues about the concept, procedure and processes in Software Change Management for the software components in the solution.

Upgrade and Release Management

Issues about planning, preparation and performance of software upgrades or release changes in the software components in the solution.

Extended maintenance

Issue about software maintenance extension.

IT Strategy

Issue about the IT strategy (software and hardware solution and support and operation strategy).