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Procedure documentationActivating the Service Data Control Center


Before you can use the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN), you must activate it once.


You have installed the Service Data Control Center.


You can activate the SDCCN either from the central SAP Solution Manager system, or with the activation function in the local system.

Activation from SAP Solution Manager system
  1. Call the Solution Manager System Landscape (transaction SMSY).

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Solution Manager Operations Next navigation step Administration SDCCN End of the navigation path.

    A dialog box showing the connected systems and their status, is displayed. Systems in which the SDCCN is already active are indicated by an Execute icon in the Call SDCCN column.

  3. To activate SDCCN in one system, choose Activate in the Call SDCCN column.

    To activate SDCCN in several systems at the same time, select the systems (multiple selection with the CTRL key), and select the pushbutton with the quick info Activate SDCCN.

    To add a system to the overview, choose Add System. For further information, see SDCCN Management in the SAP Solution Manager.

SDCCN is active. To call it, choose Execute in the Call SDCCN column.

Activation from the local system
  1. Call the transaction SDCCN.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Activate. End of the navigation path

    If there is not already an RFC connection (SDCC_OSS) to the SAP Support Portal, you are prompted to set one up.

  3. Confirm.

SDCCN is active.


When you activate SDCCN, the following actions are performed:

  • If you have used the transaction SDCC, the background job AUTO_SESSION_MANAGER (ASM) is descheduled. The transaction SDCC is locked.

  • Checks whether there are customizing settings

    If there are no customizing settings, default values are used. Existing settings are not overwritten.

  • The following tasks are created:

    Maintenance Package

    This task prepares automatic session data collection.

    Session Preparation Check

    This task reminds you to Check the Session Preparation.

  • The task processor is activated.

    The background job checks whether there are tasks to be processed.

  • All SDCCN activation steps are logged in the action log.