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Procedure documentationGetting Service Plans from SAP


  1. Open the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center.

  2. Choose the Services view.

  3. Choose Get Current Service Plan from SAP.

    Note Note

    You can also schedule job SM:SYNC SAP SESSIONS, program RDSWPCISERVICEPLAN. The job is scheduled to run daily by default.

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  4. Select the solution.

  5. Choose OK.


The service plan appears in your session list.

Note Note

Resolving service plan issues

If the service plan is not displayed or is empty, for example, analyze the application log:

  1. Start transaction SLG1.

  2. In the Object field, enter SOLAR.

  3. In the Subobject field, enter SAP_BACKEND.

  4. In the External ID field, enter GET_SERV_PLAN*.

    Note Note

    Enter the external ID in capital letters.

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  5. To display only customer-relevant information under Log Class, select Only very important logs.

  6. Choose Execute.

    The application logs are displayed.

  7. In the External ID column, search for the service order number.

  8. Check the reason for the issue and try to resolve it, or create a support message, adding the information from the application log.

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