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 Project Roadmap


You use a project roadmap in an implementation project to document the progress of the project and to provide and distribute information to the project team.

System behavior when there are multiple language versions

If the contents of a project (e.g. structures, documents or SAP notes) are translated, the system displays them in the project language in the roadmap.

If possible, the system identifies the language version to be displayed, in Service Market Place URLs.


  • You have created a project in Project Administration and assigned a Roadmap for the project (see Create/Change Project ).

  • You can control whether a team member can display and/or change a tab in the Roadmap, with the authorization object S_AIRMTAB.


Accelerator tab

The system lists Accelerators, e.g. Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and transactions, in the Accelerator tab.

Note Note

You can display a list of accelerators assigned to each structure element. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Accelerators End of the navigation path .

End of the note.
Status/Notes tab
  • You can make notes about structure elements, in the Status/Notes tab. The system saves your entries automatically when you leave the tab.

  • To change the status of a structure element, choose the status symbol in front of the structure elements, or set the status with the pushbutton on the Status/Notes tab.

    The status is passed upwards in the structure. If you change the status which was passed upwards, for a higher-level structure element, in the structure, the system flags the status of this structure element as set manually with an icon. You can reset the status of the structure element to the inherited status with the Status pushbutton.

Project Team Members tab

You can assign the team members, who you have included in your project in Project Administration, on the Project Team Members tab page (see Project Team Members ).

Messages tab

You can create and send messages in the Messages tab.

Project Documentation Tab
  • You can edit documents (see Edit Documents ).

  • You can use all general project documents and document types which you have assigned to your project in the Project Administration.

Keywords tab

In the Keywords tab, you can assign the project-specific keywords, which you assigned to your project in the Keywords tab of Project Standards tab in the Project Administration , to each structure element. You can use these keywords to simplify searching for structure elements in project analyses (see Analyses ).

You can pass on the keywords which you have assigned to a structure element, downwards in the structure, with the Make Mass Changes pushbutton in the Keywords tab. You can delete these keywords passed on to the lower-level structure element, with the Delete Entry pushbutton.