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Procedure documentationMonitoring a Host


This procedure displays the status of a host, and the metrics that contribute to it.


  1. In the Technical Monitoring work center, choose System Monitoring.

  2. In the Type Selection screen area, choose Hosts.

  3. In the Detailed Selection screen area, select a query.

    Group systems in queries for faster access.

  4. To view the status of hosts, select them.

  5. Choose Host Monitoring.

  6. To display the monitored data, select a location.

    The status of hosts is displayed.

  7. For detailed analysis, perform one of the following:



    Analyze the system hierarchy

    On the Host Monitoring - <host> tab page, click the host.

    Analyze the status of a category, which contributes to the status of the host

    Click the category.

    The ratings for summarization events are displayed.

    View the details of metrics, which contribute to the status of the summarization event

    Perform one of the following:

    • In the graphical view, click the summarization event.

    • In the tree, expand the summarization event.

    View the alerts raised for the host

    Choose <number of alerts raised> Alerts.

    You go to the Alert Inbox.

    View details of the landscape

    In the drop-down box available in the top right corner of the host graphic, choose Landscape Information

More Information

For more information on Alert Inbox, see Technical Monitoring Alert Inbox.