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Function documentationChoosing an SQL Table Field for an SQL Check Step


To create SQL check steps that cause as low a system load as possible, you can display additional information about the respective table field when you select it.

Recommendation Recommendation

To keep the system load low, preferably use fields that are marked as key or index fields.

End of the recommendation.


  • You have called the Solution Documentation Assistant and chosen Create Check Step.

  • You have selected the check step type "SQL" and specified one of the subtypes of an SQL check step ("existence of table field", "existence of table field entry", "number of table entries", or "descriptive"). You have selected a table.


If the information is from an RFC connection, the check box in the From RFC column is selected. If the field is already used in another SQL check step, the information is stored in the Solution Documentation Assistant, and the check box in the From Pool column is selected.

  • Choose the table field that is supposed to be checked.

  • To show in which context a table field is used, select an indexed table field and choose Index.

    The Table Index dialog box appears listing all indexes defined for the respective table.

    Note Note

    You can display detailed information about the displayed characteristics of the index in the ABAP Dictionary (transaction SE 11) in the system that can be reached using the specified RFC connection.

    End of the note.
  • To show which table fields belong to an existing index, select an index and choose Index Fields.