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Procedure documentationReplying to Solution Proposals or Questions


In the following cases, you can send replies to the support employee:

  • You have received a solution proposal that does not solve your problem completely. You want the support employee to continue processing the problem

  • The support employee requires more information to solve your problem and has set the message's user status to Customer Action.


In the overview of the messages created by you, a message appears with the status Solution Proposal or Customer Action.


  1. Choose the message that you want to answer. You can configure the system so that all messages for which you must do something are shown in your home page in the WebClient UI.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. To attach a document, go to the assignment block Attachments, and choose Save and Reply.

    The Send Answer screen opens.

  4. Enter your reply and choose Send Reply.

    The system saves the message, sets the status to In Process, and sends the message back to Support, for further processing.