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Function documentationNotification Management


Notification Management maintains and notifies system users, business partners, and external users. Recipients or recipient lists in a central location avoid duplication of effort, and use the information to send notifications from tools such as Work Mode Management and PI Monitoring.


You are authorized to access the Technical Administration work center.

Note Note

If you are not authorized to access Notification Management, but want your user to receive notifications, personalize the notification settings. For more information, see Personalizing Notification Settings.

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You can:

  • Maintain external recipients, system users, and business partners.

  • Avoid duplication of effort by maintaining recipients in a global recipient pool.

  • Copy distribution lists from mail server such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino Server in your system.

  • Define availability of users based on factory and holiday calendars.

  • Define absence of users.

  • Automatically forward notifications to substitutes if a user is not available.

  • Add recipients or recipient lists to a recipient list.


  1. To copy recipient lists from Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino Server, and to send notifications by SMS, set up the LDAP and SMS server.

    For more information, see Set Up Servers

  2. Maintain the recipient and recipient list details.

    For more information, see Recipient and Recipient List Management.

  3. Notify the status to recipients or recipient lists.

    Notifications can be forwarded automatically to substitutes if the recipient is not available. For more information, see Notifying Users.