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Procedure documentationPerforming Guided Self-Services


Using guided self-services, you can create new service documents for service sessions.


See the prerequisites described under Service Documents.


  1. Under Service Documents, select a service session in the table for which you want to create a new service document.

  2. Choose a link in the Session column.

    The guided self-service session for creating service documents opens in a new browser window.

  3. Follow the individual steps specified in the navigation bar to specify which information you want to include in the service document. The following information is included:

    • Solution Landscape

      System landscape, for example, selection of the system to be analyzed

    • Self Service Session Preparation

      Perform all technical preparation steps, and start the data collection in the target system for the self-service, and document all steps in the session.

    • Collect Data (ST13, ST14) into Session

      Upload the collected data from the target system to the local self-service session

    • Database Resources

      Overview of rate and size of the database growth

    • Self Service Checks

      Analyze the system landscape to reduce the database size. You can focus on the objects you want to analyze in detail.

    • Cover Page

      Information for the title page of Microsoft Word documents