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Component documentationService Data Control Center


The Service Data Control Center (SDCCN) colects and manages performance data from a system for analysis in service sessions. It automates all processes to transfer this data from the system (or systems) in which it is collected, to the system in which it is analyzed. The tool supports the preparation and provision of services, for example SAP GoingLive Check or SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

The tool is intended primarily for SAP service engineers performing SAP service sessions and system administrators and other customer staff in their own SAP Solution Manager systems.


  • The data collected can be analyzed in your SAP Solution Manager system or in a system at SAP.

    We recommend data analysis in your SAP Solution Manager system.

  • The SDCCNs in different systems can be controlled centrally from one SAP Solution Manager system.

  • The SDCC can provide several SAP Solution Manager systems with data.


  • Support of non-ABAP systems.

  • Reuse of collected data, if appropriate

  • Integration in the system landscape management (transaction SMSY)

  • Automatic logged task processing