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Procedure documentationModeling Process Steps in Process Flow Diagram


You use this procedure to represent a process step graphically. A process step is an activity in a process which can be abstract, human, automated, sub-process or any other activity linked from a different (or the same) SAP Solution Manager project. Graphically representing the activity provides an understanding of the context in which it is performed and also lets you view various stages of the process flow.


  1. Open a business blueprint project.

  2. In Business Blueprint perspective, to view the list of business scenarios present in the project, choose Expand.

  3. In the business scenario list, select a business scenario.

  4. Choose Expand.

  5. To view the list of business processes, choose Expand.

  6. In the business process list, select a business process.

  7. Choose Expand.

  8. To open the Process Step view, choose Process Steps.

  9. In the Process Steps view, choose Process Flow.

  10. In process flow editor, to edit the process flow, choose Toggle View/Edit Mode.

  11. In the Palette view, choose Process Step from Standard Shapes section.