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Object documentationDVM Index App


The app shows the Data Volume Management index value for selected systems and a selected time period.

The app calculates the DVM index, also called DVM key performance indicator (KPI), as the ratio of business volume growth to the technical landscape growth. The index gives an overview of where to plan data volume-related measures. The smaller the index value, the better the data volume is under control in the selected systems.

The business volume growth is calculated from various tables in the business area. In the SAP Solution Manager Data Volume Management work center, in the Analysis view, you can configure which tables and business areas are used to calculate the DVM index.

The icon shows the trend in a given month compared to the previous month. You can start to evaluate the index when there is data for at least for two months in the system.

The icon gives a quick overview of how the index has evolved over the last months.

Delta shows how the index percentage has changed, compared to the previous month.

The app is displayed in the Technical Operations Dashboard.

To display the underlying data, choose Index Statistics. For more information, see Index Statistics App.


To configure the app, call the technical operations dashboard, and select the app. Go to configuration mode (see Configuring Dashboards). Navigate to the configuration screen of the app, either by adding a new app to the dashboard, or by choosing Edit for an app.

  1. Enter the systems that you want to monitor with the app.

  2. Enter the time period you want to display.

  3. Choose Confirm Selection and choose Apply.