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 Specify System Landscape for Central Objects


If you specify a system landscape for central objects, you can define a central repository for objects such as manual test cases, external applications, and eCATT test configurations at the same time. You have a central system for eCATT test development, for example, and want to save manual test cases and external applications in a central system as well, instead of in various managed systems.

The central system for eCATT test configurations or for manual test cases and external applications can be the SAP Solution Manager system, or other central systems that the SAP Solution Manager accesses by RFC.


If you do not want to use the SAP Solution Manager system, you have created an RFC destination to the central systems that you want to use. You are in SAP Solution Manager Project Administration and are editing a project.


  1. Choose the System Landscape tab .

  2. Choose the subtab Central Objects .

  3. Assign a logical system to the object type eCATT Test Configuration or Manual Test Case and External Application .

  4. If you want to force all project team members to store the objects in the central systems only, set the Use is Obligatory flag.


When project team members create or assign test cases of type eCATT, manual test case, or external application, to the project structure on the Test Cases tab in the Configuration transaction without specifying a component, they are automatically stored in the central systems. The same applies to the assignment of eCATT test configurations in the Configuration tab.