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Object documentationMessages of the BW-Based Reporting Self-Check


A large number of self-checks have been created for various scenarios of BW-based reporting, which check the prerequisites for the correct functioning of the corresponding scenario and display any possible errors in the scenario execution. The associated messages are displayed with the results in a list, grouped by checks.

A list of the checks is displayed; you can find a description of the check in the column Description. For each of these checks, there are one or more messages that are displayed below the associated check, if the corresponding node is expanded. By default, the messages for a particular check are expanded if a problem was found during the check.

Each message contains, in the corresponding column, the short text of the check result and the associated status. For most messages, there is also a long text, which you can display below the message by choosing the relevant button. The long texts contain a detailed description of what was tested, and - if a problem was discovered - information about the cause and consequences of the problem and ways to solve the problem. If you have solved the problem, you can repeat the check at any time by choosing the Check Again button. To perform all checks again, choose the Update button in the Reporting Scenarios tab page.


To display the self-check messages in the context of the self-checks of BW-based reporting, choose the desired scenario in the Reporting Scenarios subscreen. You can find the associated information on the Self-Checks tab page.