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The Operations dashboard shows you the availability and performance of your managed systems. The performance and availability values of the managed systems, from technical monitoring, and the corresponding values of the monitored technical scenarios, from End User Experience Monitoring (EEM), are output. So you see the status from the perspectives of the backend, and of the user.

The dashboard answers the question, “Are my technical systems and scenarios available and performing well?”

The Operations dashboard displays the following apps:

  • System Availability

    This app shows the availability of managed systems during a selected time interval. As well as the availability values of the individual managed systems, a mean value is calculated and output as a pie diagram.

  • System Performance

    This app shows the performance of managed systems during a selected time interval. The mean response time of the managed systems is measured regularly and compared with the threshold values for yellow and red alerts. The dialog response time thus always has a status, and the percentage distribution of this status through time is displayed for each system. Similarly to the system availability app, a mean value is also displayed.

  • End User Experience Reporting

    This app outputs the performance and availability of the technical scenarios.

Note Note

When the dashboard is first called, all systems and technical scenarios for which technical monitoring is active at this time in the SAP Solution Manager setup (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), are determined. If you add systems or scenarios to be monitored in technical monitoring, later, this does not change the dashboard data basis; you may have to reconfigure the apps.

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Call the dashboard

The role SAP_SM_DASHBOARDS_DISP contains authorization to call dashboards. To be able to call the Operations dashboard, the authorization object Solution Manager Dashboard Instance (technical name SM_DSBINST) in the Dashboard Authorization Group must have the value CIO_TECHOP.

To put the Operations dashboard into your SAP Easy Access Favorites, proceed as follows:

  1. In the SAP Easy Access menu, call Start of the navigation path Favorites Next navigation step Add Other Objects End of the navigation path.

  2. From the list in the Restrictions screen, choose Web-Dynpro Applications.

  3. On the Web Dynpro Application screen, in the Web Dynpro Application field, enter the name generic_dashboard_viewer.

  4. Enter a description, for example Operations Dashboard.

  5. Insert a row in the table Parameter, in the Name column, enter ALIAS, and in the Value column, enter CIO_TECHOP.

Note Note

Administrators can make this entry directly in the menu of the users with the specified role. Make the entry in the transaction Role Maintenance (transaction code PFCG), in the menu of the role SAP_SM_DASHBOARDS_DISP.

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You do not have to configure the Operations dashboard; when EEM and Interactive Reporting are set up, the dashboard is available, with the apps above.