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Process documentationCentral System Administration Operation


You can monitor task schedules, task logs and their status, and execute tasks in the managed systems.


You have completed the initial setup of Central System Administration. For more information, see Central System Administration Setup.


  1. You perform all tasks required frequently in the open task list of your Task Inbox of the Technical Administration Work Center. For more information, see Processing Open Tasks.

    You can write a short comment and describe further details in the Task Note Pad of the task

  2. If necessary, you trigger a CSA internal workflow process and send an e-mail notification to the assigned processor. For more information, see Workflow Management and Managing Notifications.

  3. After you have performed the task, you set the status to Done.

  4. Save your entries.

    The task is marked green.


The performed task disappears from the open task list in the Task Inbox.