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Function documentationNot-Started-on-Time Calculation


When using these metrics for your BO jobs or BW process chains, the system alerts a delayed start with respect to a check time (format hh:mm:ss). If a job has not yet started at the specified time, an alert will be raised. You can specify the single or multiple check times for a yellow and a red alert.

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The system always takes the expected starting time of a job that is closest to the actual starting point of the job or process chain as a reference.

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The graphic shows how the system assigns reference points to actual starting times, and how the metric values are calculated:

Case 1: The J1 start time is closest to the S1 reference time.

Case 2: The J2 start time is closest to the S2 reference time.

Case 3: The J3 start time is closes to the S3 reference time.

Case 4: No job has run within the scan time frame (36 hours).

Example 1

A job runs every hour. You have defined the fixed start time 9:00 a.m. as a reference time in the SAP Solution Manager configuration. If a job starts too late (compared to 9:00 a.m.) it is rated red. For example, a run on May 23 at 20:01 is too late for the reference time May 23, 9:00, so the system raises the red alert for “Not started on time”.

Example 2

The next run on May 23 at 21:01 is rated green, because the system compares every run to the nearest reference start time. As the nearest reference start time is May 24, 9:00, the process chain does not run too late. It actually starts too early, so it is not rated red, because only delayed jobs are rated red.