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Procedure documentationManaging Non-SAP Product Descriptions


A non-SAP product in the system landscape is either developed by a customer (“customer product”) or by a company other than SAP (“third-party product”). Non-SAP products often do not have an entry in the SAP software catalog and are therefore not part of the SAP CR Content. They can be deployed in SAP runtimes, like AS ABAP or AS Java, or in non-SAP runtimes, like IBM WebSphere.

Products that were not developed by SAP but that are described in the SAP Software Catalog (“partner products”) are not classified as non-SAP products.

As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP09, non-SAP product descriptions are no longer created in transaction SMSY. They are created in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) and will be synchronized with the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) and the SMSY storage in SAP Solution Manager, automatically. (Software component versions are note synchronized with the SMSY storage.)


Creating New Non-SAP Product Descriptions
  1. Go to the home page of your SLD and select the CIM namespace that was selected as CR source in SAP Solution Manager. You can check the source in transaction SOLMAN_SETUP, under Start of the navigation path System Preparation Next navigation step Prepare Landscape Description Next navigation step Set Up LMDB End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose Products.

  3. Choose New and follow the guided activity.

    • For later use in SAP Solution Manager, the product name must be unique and not more than 20 characters. Do not create products with the same name, even if the have different vendors.

    • Enter the same value for the product vendor for all your products. Choose an internet domain that belongs to your company.

    • The product version must be unique and not more than 20 characters for all products. It should be the product name followed by a number, for example ‘My Product 1.0’.

    • The unit name must not exceed 20 characters.

Migrating Non-SAP Product Descriptions from SMSY to SLD and LMDB

If you created non-SAP products in transaction SMSY, in earlier releases, you can migrate them to the SLD if you want to use them in the LMDB and assign them to projects and solutions, for example.

  1. Start transaction SA38 and run the report RLMDB_MIGRATE_NONSAP_PRODUCTS.

    Enter the required values and execute the report. For more information, choose the Info button on the UI.

  2. The program migrates non-SAP products from transaction SMSY to the SLD.

  3. When the migration is complete, wait for the next synchronization between SLD and LMDB, which takes place every 10 minutes, by default. Newly created non-SAP products are then available for use in the LMDB.

Assigning the New Product in the LMDB
  1. In transaction LMDB, you can assign the product to the technical systems in which it is used.

  2. Assign the non-SAP products and product instances to a product system that contains the technical system where the product is deployed.

    Product systems are the basis for logical components containing the non-SAP product.

    For more information, see Managing Logical Components.

Deleting Non-SAP Product Descriptions

You can delete non-SAP product descriptions in the SLD. This deletion is propagated to the LMDB and transaction SMSY.

More Information

SAP Note 1774444Information published on SAP site.