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Procedure documentationRegistering a Third-Party Test Tool


To use external test tools in test configurations, these third party tools must be registered.


For up-to-date information, see SAP Note 519858Information published on SAP site.

  • You have called the Test Management work center.

  • You have installed a certified external tool on the local machine of the user or the tool is available via a Citrix client. To install the tool, you have called transaction SE37 and used the SET_EXTERNAL_TOOL function module to make the following entries in the customizing table ECCUST_ET:

    • A working name for the tool

    • The PROG_ID of the test tool's certified interface (this is case-sensitive)

    • A description of the tool

    • The local database of the tool, if it has one

  • You have generated a standard user in the SAP Solution Manager system. To do this, have run the program ECATT_GENERATE_ET_USER from transaction SE38.

  • The third party tool must use the predefined user ECATT_ET_USR for the communication with SAP Solution Manager. The role SAP_ECET is assigned to this user.

  • An SAP GUI 7.02 is installed on the front-end computer.

  • GUI scripting is activated on the front-end computer.


  1. In the Administration view, choose the Register 3rd Party Test Tool link.

    You go to the Customizing Table for External Test Tools screen.

  2. Choose Change.

  3. Choose New Entries.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. In the Tool Name field, select a test tool.

  5. Enter the data as required:

    • COM Program ID

    • Tool Description

    • Maintain DB

    • Test Execution DB

    • W/o Password

    • W/o Database

    • W/o Transfer Log

    • Transfer Test Attributes

    • Support BPCA Tracing

    For more information about how to enter the required information, see the user documentation of the respective third-party tool.

  6. Choose Continue.

  7. Save your entries.

  8. Exit the function.


The external tool can be used in test configurations.