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Procedure documentationScheduling Automated Test Cases


You can schedule the execution of automated test cases for multiple test packages.

You can choose whether to process the test cases in the foreground or in the background. Processing in the foreground allows you to view each step and enter modifications to system defaults manually.


  • The test engineer has assigned a test package to your user.

  • You have called the Test Management work center.


  1. In the Tester Worklist, select a test package which contains automated test cases.

    The test cases which are assigned to the test package, are displayed.

  2. Choose the Schedule pushbutton.

    You go to the Scheduling dialog box.

  3. If you perform a trial execution and you do not want the status of this trial execution to be transferred to the status analysis of the Test Workbench, deselect the Copy status in Test Workbench checkbox.

  4. If you want to create TBOMs and run the Business Process Change Analyzer, select the Activate TBOM Recording check box.

  5. To execute the test cases in the foreground, select the Execute in the Foreground radio button.

  6. Choose Execute.

    You go to the Start Time dialog box.

  7. Specify the start option.

  8. Save your entries.