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Procedure documentationRequesting TBOM Recording


This procedure is for quality experts.


You can delegate the recording of a TBOM to a business process expert. Create a TBOM recording task in the system. Do so as follows:

Create recording task from the TBOM tab
  1. Follow the instructions for recording a TBOM, in the TBOM tab. For more information, see Create TBOM.

  2. In the TBOM tab, choose Create TBOM Recording Task.

    The Create TBOM Recording Work Items view opens. The table contains a row for the selected executable entity.

  3. Assign the task to a business process expert (see below).

Create a recording task from the analysis of transactions/TBOMs/test cases
  1. Follow the instructions for checking the business processes, until you see the individual structure nodes in the results structure. For more information, see Check Business Process Status.

  2. Choose the Create TBOM Recording Work Item pushbutton.

    The Create TBOM Recording Task dialog opens. The table contains all executable entities which were displayed in the results structure.

  3. Choose the executable entities for which you want to request the recording of a TBOM.

    You can hide entries which you do not need, temporarily, with Remove Entries, for a better overview of the entries in the table.

    Note Note

    The Remove Entries function only removes the entries from the display temporarily. The next time that you open the Create TBOM Recording Work Items dialog with the same filter criteria, all table rows are displayed again.

    End of the note.
  4. Assign the tasks to a business process expert (see below).

Assign tasks to a business process expert
  1. Enter the user type and name of the business process expert who is to record the TBOMs, for all selected rows. You can:

    • Enter the data directly into the corresponding row in the table.


    • To process all selected rows at once: Choose Mass Change, and enter the data in the Assign User & System Role - Mass Change dialog.

  2. If you request the recording of the TBOM in the request of an other quality expert: Choose Mass Changes, and specify the quality expert responsible.

  3. Choose Check.

    The system checks whether you have specified a business process expert for each selected entry, whether the business process expert has an E-Mail address, and whether there is both a system user and a business partner for the business process expert. The E-Mail address, system user and business partner are also checked for the quality expert.

  4. Choose Create Work Items.

    The system creates a TBOM recording work item for each entry selected.


The business process expert and the quality expert are informed by E-Mail, and can access the recording task in the Test Management work center, in the view TBOM Worklist. They can acces their TBOM work list via the links in the E-Mails.

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