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Procedure documentationMaintaining Notification Settings for Recipient Lists


You use this procedure to maintain uniform notification settings for all the recipients in a recipient list. For example, in a recipient list, if you want all the recipients to receive notification through E-mail at a specified time, you only need to maintain the notification mode and time for the recipient list. All recipients in the list will inherit the settings maintained at recipient list level.


  1. In the Technical Administration work center, choose Notification Management.

  2. To display the recipient lists, embedded or in a new window, choose Recipient Lists.

  3. To view the notification settings of a recipient list, choose the recipient list location.

  4. In the Notification Settings window, choose Add to enter a notification schedule.

    You can choose to enter multiple notification schedules, for example, you can maintain two schedules, to send notifications on a working day and on a non-working day, respectively.

  5. Save your entries.