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Procedure documentationChecking Managed Systems


  1. Open the attributes of the executable entity to process.

  2. Choose the TBOM tab.

  3. Choose Check Managed System.

    The system identifies the managed system using the logical component and the system role specified in the project or solution.

    If your user's user parameter AGS_BPCA_TBOM_EXPERT has a value greater than 0, further information and options are displayed:

    • You can check the precise response from the E2E testing agent.

    • The logical component and the system role are also stored as TBOM attributes. If this information has changed in the project or solution, you can update the TBOM attributes.

      Note Note

      The objects in the TBOM remain unchanged after this adjustment. You therefore have to decide if you want to copy the new system data only or record the TBOM again in the new system. You can continue to use TBOMs with invalid system data in the Business Process Change Analyzer but the various functions for processing the TBOM are no longer available (such as the actuality check and the re-calibration). You should update the system data whenever you create TBOM enhancements.

      End of the note.