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Procedure documentationAdjust Resource Restrictions for Extractors


Bottlenecks, for example between the ABAP and Java stacks of a managed system (RFC connection SOLMANDIAG), can be the reason why extractors provide no data. You have received the error message Ressource Cap Exceeded for the same RFC destination, in several consecutive job logs.

To resolve such a bottleneck, you can adjust the extractor resource restriction. You increase the number of RFC connections which can be open at the same time in a managed system.


You have called the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


Caution Caution

The managed systems can be overloaded by the activities of the extractors.

Increase the resource restriction value carefully in single steps, until the bottleneck is overcome.

End of the caution.
  1. Choose the Landscape view.

  2. Select the system.

  3. To identify the RFC connection, choose RFC Connections.

    The RFC connection for read access is shown.

  4. In the Landscape view, choose Extractors.

  5. Go to the Configuration tab.

  6. Choose Change.

  7. Select the RFC connection, under RFC Management.

    Note Note

    To display information about the available types, expand the Help.

    End of the note.
  8. Increase the value in the Resource Restriction column.

  9. Save your entries.

Note Note

To retrieve the default resource restriction value, choose Default Settings.

End of the note.


After a time, the resource manager job log will no longer show the resource restriction being exceeded.