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Procedure documentationProcessing Messages as End User


Process Message
  1. Choose the message that you want to process.

    You can filter the messages displayed using various criteria.

  2. You can process the message differently according to its status:

    • New: Your support message has not yet been processed.

    • In Process: Your support message has been assigned to a support employee who is preparing a solution proposal.

    • Customer action: You are requested to send more information to the support employee so that they can solve the problem.

    • Solution proposal: The support employee has entered a solution proposal. You can:

      • If the solution proposal solves your problem, confirm the solution proposal. Choose Confirm.

      • If the solution proposal does not solve your problem, reply to the solution proposal. Choose Answer.

    • Sent to SAP: The support employee has identified a technical problem and has forwarded the support message to SAP.

    • Sent to support: A support message was sent automatically to support but is not yet being processed.

    • Sent to external provider: A support message concerns an external system and has been forwarded to the external provider. Which user statuses are possible depends on how your system is configured. Ask your system administrator to explain the meaning of a status.

  3. Enter the required data and save it.

Withdraw Message

As the reporter of a message, you can withdraw it as long as its status is New, that is, before a processor has started to process it. The message is closed.

  1. Choose the message that you want to withdraw.

  2. Choose Edit and then Withdraw.

  3. Confirm your entries. The message is saved with the status Withdrawnand can no longer be processed.