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 Edit Document Templates


It is possible to create a template for project documentation on the Documentation Types tab . The template allows you to define the appearance and format of your documentation.

You can create and edit document templates for all project types.


You are in the initial screen of the Project Administration .


  1. You can go to the project template change mode in two ways:

    • If you want create cross-project document templates, choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Project Template Next navigation step <Project Type> End of the navigation path in the initial screen of the Project Administration .

    • To create both cross-project and project-specific document templates:

      1. Select the project and choose Change Project .

      2. Choose the Start of the navigation path Project Standardstab Next navigation step Documentation Types End of the navigation path tab.

      3. Choose Project Template .

        You go to the project template change mode.

  2. Specify a documentation type name and ID in the field in the right-hand list which is ready for input, in the Documentation Types tab.

  3. You can assign other attributes to the documentation type:

    • Global Doc. :

      Set this flag if you want to reuse a documentation type in other projects.

    • Several Documents Allowed :

      Reset this flag to prevent multiple assignment of a documentation type to an element in your project structure.

      In this way, you can specify that only one configuration guide can be assigned to an element in your project structure.

    • File Extension :

      If there is no template for the documentation type, the application which is linked to this file ending in your frontend starts when you open a document.

    • Blueprint-Relevant :

      Documents of a documentation type for which you set the Blueprint-Relevant flag, are put in the Blueprint as initial with flag.

      For example, if you do not want to put logs in the Blueprint by default, reset the Blueprint-Relevant flag for this documentation type.

  4. Select the documentation type of the template you want to change.

  5. Choose an edit function, e.g. Create with Editor or Import , if you want to to upload a locally-created template from a directory, with the Document Template pushbutton.

  6. Edit the document template.

  7. Set the status of the new or changed document template to Released , with the pushbutton.

    Caution Caution

    You can only use released document templates in your project. Only released document templates are displayed in the selection help in the Solution Manager, e.g. in the Business Blueprint.

    If there are several versions of a document template, the system displays the most recently released version in the selection help.

    End of the caution.

    You can display a history of the released versions, and details of the document template with the Detail View pushbutton .

  8. Save your entries.


You have created document templates for the various documentation types in your project. Choose the documentation types which you want to use in your project (see Project Standards tab ).

You use these document templates to create new documents during the Business Blueprint and Realization.