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Procedure documentationEditing a Downtime (Optional)


You use this procedure to edit a planned downtime (modified planned downtime) in process.

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For information about which downtimes occurred in which systems and when, see Analyzing Downtimes.

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Planned downtime, modified planned downtime, and actual downtime belong to the same downtime event, and have the same event ID.


The status of the downtime to be edited is In Process.


  1. Go to the Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose Work Mode Management.

  3. In the Type Selection area, select Technical Systems.

  4. Select a system.

  5. Choose Work Mode Management.

  6. Display the work modes, embedded or in a new window.

  7. Select the downtime, which has the status In Process.

  8. Choose Add New Phase to Planned Downtime.

  9. In the Work Mode Maintenance window, edit the downtime.

    The original planned downtime cannot be edited and is in Modified status. The modified planned downtime is in In Process status and can be edited.