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Procedure documentationDefining the Level of Monitoring


You use this procedure if you are using CCMS-based monitoring infrastructure, to avoid redundant alerts due to a planned downtime or maintenance.

You need not set the level of monitoring if you are using the Technical Monitoring infrastructure. For more information on Technical Monitoring, see Technical Monitoring Work Center.


  1. In the Schedule Work Mode for <technical component> screen area, choose CCMS Monitoring Settings tab page.

  2. Select the CCMS-Based Monitoring checkbox.

  3. Select one of the following monitoring levels:

    • To prevent collection of monitoring data: Monitoring Pause.

    • To allow collection of monitoring data, but avoid alerts relevant to the planned work mode: Suppress Alerts.

    • To allow CCMS-based monitoring and receive alerts for the planned work mode: Full Monitoring.

    Note Note

    You can avoid alerts being generated because of failed extractor runs, by performing a downtime check. For more information, see Extractor Framework.

    End of the note.

More Information

If you receive CCMS alerts after alert suppression, see SAP Note 1096782Information published on SAP site.